Dictation in Bulgarian in Microsoft Word

Dear Friends,
do you want to write a book in 2 days or a report in 2 minutes? With our innovative product this is possible. You just need to speak / dictate instead of typing on the keyboard, automatically adhering to the obligatory norms of the literary Bulgarian language (punctuation rules, commas in complex sentences, comparative degree, superior degree, etc.). Moreover, there is no limit to the duration of dictation or the number of words. According to the users’ needs we offer two formats of speech recognition during its conversion into text, so that they can choose which suits them best stylistically. Dictation in Bulgarian works through a plugin for Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word 365, Microsoft Word 2019, Microsoft Word 2016 and Microsoft Word 2013).
Supported versions of Windows:
– Windows 10
– Windows 8.1
– Windows 8
– Windows 7
Supported versions of Microsoft Office:
– Microsoft Office 365
– Microsoft Office 2019
– Microsoft Office 2016
– Microsoft Office 2013