German Games (description and videos)

In order to get acquainted with the specificity and particularities of the German language, to enter deeply into its matter and to be able to understand it better we offer different kind of games for that purposes. Below is the description for each of them.

  • Game Guess Prepositions – this is one of our most popular games where you have to guess the right preposition of twenty randomly generated verbs, adjectives and nouns. The purpose of this game is to get familiar which preposition and/or case requires particular verb, adjective or noun. There are four prepositions per item as three of them are fake and only one is the correct one.

  • Game Arrange Sentences – this is also one of our most popular games where you have to arrange grammatically correct sentences from randomly disordered words. The purpose of this game is to get familiar with the German grammar and the grammatical rules while building sentences. Involved are also maturities, prepositions, definite and indefinite articles, modal and irregular verbs, past times, passive voice, complex and subordinate sentences, etc. There are also a lot of frequently used expressions and phrases. The game offers hints as well but if you use them your final score will decrease accordingly.

  • Game Guess Articles – this is also very popular game where the purpose is to guess the correct gender among masculine, feminine and neuter of twenty randomly generated nouns.
  • Game Guess Words – in fact this is our first game, it is well known, classic and very popular, available in all our dictionaries. The purpose is to guess the translation in Bulgarian of 21 randomly generated German words including phrases and idioms.

The games are available in the German-Bulgarian online dictionary

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  1. Administrator Post author

    Dear Friends,

    starting from today some changes to the terms of use of the games in our German-Bulgarian two-way online dictionary come into force.

    In order to use them, an account with paid Premium subscription will be required to provide unlimited access to them (including any new games we develop and will develop for the future), with payment through the PayPal system. Until the end of January this subscription has promotional price of 5 EUR.

    The German-Bulgarian dictionary itself with pronunciation remains free.

    For our most loyal friends, who wish to contribute to the improvement and development of the dictionary, they will receive this Premium subscription as a gift.

  2. radina valkanova

    Искам да платя абонамент
    Моля пишете ми как става това

  3. Administrator Post author

    Dear Friends,

    since we received some inquiries about the games in our German-Bulgarian two-way online dictionary, we would like to clarify that in order to use them a registration and paid subscription – Premium is required, which provides unlimited access to them.
    We also decided not to change the promotional price of 5 EUR for this subscription, taking into account the results of our survey we had released some months ago about these games and the opinion of most of you.
    Please those who would like to register and subscribe to contact us.

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